Nested forms

You can do much more complex form shapes by using "nested" forms, this can be done easily by setting your component name to one using a notation like "".

<form use:form>
  <input name="" type="email" />
  <input name="account.password" type="password" />
  <input name="profile.firstName" />
  <input name="profile.lastName" />

This form would end up creating a data store with this shape:

  account: {
    email: '',
    password: '',
  profile: {
    firstName: '',
    lastName: '',

Names may also contain an index (e.g. "email.0.value") to indicate that the value should be set in that specific index of an array. This is useful when handling multiple values or generating inputs from an array.

NOTE: In order to differentiate checkbox values from arrays of fields, array of fields require its name to refer to the property of an object (e.g. "email.0.value").

import { For } from 'solid-js';

function Form() {
  const { form } = createForm({ \*...*\ });

  return (
    <form use:form>
      <For each={[0, 1, 2]}>
        {(index) => (
          <input name={`account.${index}.email`} type="email" />
          <input name={`account.${index}.password`} type="password" />